Purina® on action

purina en accion 2
Purina® on action wants to sensitize the new generations and let them know the basic cares of having a pet. 

From the first moment that they are in our home, our life turns richer and happier. They inspire us to live better.


Learn how to take care of your pet
Purina® team have been reasearching based on proffessional and specialized experiences. The results of the studies are available to the people for free
llegó la hora del baño
Pets require several cares to be healthy, one of them is the bathroom. We give you some tips so you know how to do it.
cómo cuidar los dientes de tu perro
Healthy teeth are extremely important for the welfare of the dog. Dogs use their mouths to eat and also to interact with their surroundings.
cómo cuidar las uñas de tu perro
Keeping your dog happy and healthy every day goes beyond food and exercise. Nail cutting is a task that every owner should perform.
qué debe comer mi gato y qué no
If we want our cat to grow healthy and strong we must guarantee a good diet; balanced and according to your needs.