Learn how to provide your dog with the best nutrition at every stage of its life.

La alimentación de la perra gestante
It is important to keep the future mother healthy during pregnancy. In Purina you will find everything you need to know about the feeding of pregnant dogs.
Una dieta equilibrada sana para tu perro
Giving your dog a well-deserved snack helps to strengthen your bond and also serves as learning stimulus, but too many or of the wrong kind can upset your dog's diet and cause weight problems.
Confeccionar una dieta para tu perro
All dogs are different, so you should know that there’s a wide range of formulas specifically designed for specific needs, such as weight control or different diseases.
Alimentar a tu perro adulto
When your dog reaches adulthood, it’s crucial it stays in good physical condition. At Purina you can find out more with our dog feeding guide and other useful tips.
Cómo alimentar a tu perro Adulto 7 +
As your dog grows older, its nutritional requirements will change. At Purina you can find more information about the best dog food formula to feed your elderly dog.
La alimentación de tu cachorro
Your puppy needs nutrition of the highest quality that will favor its development.

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