Learn how to take care of your cat, and find the perfect food formula, or discover the ideal breed for you.

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Take it periodically to vaccinate, deworm and prevent health problems.
Kittens need to scratch to sharpen their nails.
A 7+ senior cat has special needs, and it is important to take care of it as it gets older. At Purina you can check when you should consider your cat to be old.
Caring for your kitten is a good way to keep it healthy and strengthen the bond between you. On our website you can find out more about grooming kittens.
Pregnant cats need an extra boost in their nutrition and additional care to help them during their pregnancy. At Purina you can find more information about caring for your cat during this special time.
Bringing a new cat home is an exciting experience. We can help you know more about cat-proofing your house and garden to create a safe space for your pet.
Your feline friend is happier and healthier when at its optimum weight. We tell you how to find out your cat’s physical state.
To help your cat have a happy and healthy life, it is important that your cat follows a balanced diet. At Purina you can consult our cat feeding guide.
Presentar tu gato a otras mascotas puede resultar abrumador, ¡hazlo sin estrés!
The PURINA® physical conditioning tool for cats has been designed to encourage the importance of a healthy diet and keeping your cat in top condition.
A 7+ senior cat has special dietary needs; and it’s important to keep this in mind as your cat gets older. In Purina you can find more information.
Bringing a cat or kitten home for the first time is very exciting but it takes a bit of planning.