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What is Purina?

We are a company dedicated to enrichening the lives of pets and their owners. Discover what guides us.
Purina pets are our passion
Pets are our passion
Pets improve our lives, provide spontaneity, make us play, love and help us find new ways to see the world.
purina innovation is our commitment
Innovation is our commitment
We work with more than 500 experts worldwide, who are continuously helping us create innovative products for your pet.
purina quality is our promise
Quality is our promise
We ensure that the quality in the production processes is the # 1 ingredient of our food.

What pet do you have?

Find out more about special care requirement for each stage of your pet’s life.
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Learn how to take care of your dog
Find the perfect food formula.
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Learn how to take care of your cat
Find the perfect food formula.

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Discover how to take care of your pet's diet and well-being.
How to find your ideal dog
If you are thinking about getting a dog, you need to know how to find your ideal dog. We help you with that.
Bringing a new cat home
Bringing a new cat home for the first time is very exciting but it takes a bit of planning.
Benefits of having a dog
There’s a reason we call dogs a "man's best friend”. know more about the benefits of having a dog.
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