Product Overview

Una nueva línea de alimento Premium Superior que aprovecha los beneficios de la naturaleza para proteger a los gatos, mientras disfrutan de su delicioso sabor.



GROSS PROTEIN (MIN.)                  34,0%
GROSS FAT (MIN.)          12,0%
GROSS FIBER (MAX.)            3,5%
MOISTURE (MAX.)          12,0%
MINERALS (MAX.)            9,8%
CALCIUM (MIN. / MAX.) 1,1% / 1,6%
PHOSPHORUS (MIN. / MAX.)              0,9% /1,4%

Ingredients & Nutrition

Cereals (corn, wheat, rice, brown rice), vegetable proteins (corn gluten, soy flour), animal proteins (chicken by-product flour, beef and/or pork meat and bone meal, salmon flour, cheese powder), flavorings of animal origin (fat (beef and/or pork), hydrolyzed pork and/or chicken by-products), dehydrated vegetables (spinach, tomato), amino acids (L-lysine, taurine, Dl-methionine), minerals (salt, calcium orthophosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium iodate, potassium chloride, sodium selenite), chelated minerals (zinc, copper, manganese), vitamins (a, c, d, e, k, b1, b2) , b3, b5, b6, b7, b12, folic acid, choline), acidifier (phosphoric acid), dry malt yeast (inactive).

Feeding Guidelines

Characteristics Serving
Small 2 kg a 3,5 kg30 - 55 g
Medium 3,5 kg a 6,5 kg55 - 100 g
Large 6,5 kg a 11 kg100 - 175 g
*One cup (200 ml) contains approximately 90 g of CAT CHOW® Defense Nature® Salmon & Chicken for Adults.