Benefits of having a dog

Purina Benefits of having a dog

There’s a reason we call dogs a "man's best friend”. At Purina you can find out what the benefits of having a dog are, and understand why dogs are great pets.



There's nothing better than a long walk with your four-legged friend on a cool spring morning, and seeing the joy on its face when you grab a ball and it realizes that it's time to go to the park to play! Even being at home is more relaxing with its company.

It is said, and it is totally true, that pets and dogs give back the love you give them tenfold.

Before running out to look for a dog, it’s important that you think about it carefully. It can be hard work and it’s a lifelong commitment, since your dog will depend on you for many years.

When you're sure you have the time and the lifestyle that allows you to have a dog, and after having researched about different breeds and personalities to know which dogs make the best pets, it will be time to know about the benefits of having a dog.


Did you know…?

  • Studies show that dog owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol than people who don’t live with a dog; additionally, they are less likely to suffer from mild or serious health problems,
  • Dog owners have stronger immune systems, helping them stay healthy and spending less time recovering from illness and infections. In fact, those who have dogs tend to visit the doctor less frequently than those who do not, and are also less likely to need medication.
  • People with dogs recover more quickly from their ailments and even show higher survival rates after a heart attack.
  • Children who have a furry friend skip school less because of illness.
  • Children with chronic diseases tend to deal better with treatment if they have a canine buddy.
  • Dogs provide us with a sense of emotional well-being through the unconditional love they give; this is why they provide great company and consolation for people who live alone.
  • Having a dog can help people recover from personal trauma, such as the loss of a loved one.
  • Living with a dog can help mentally ill patients recover and feel better.
  • Taking your dog for a walk usually helps you improve your fitness level and keeps you healthy.
  • When taking your dog for a walk it’s normal to meet other dog owners, so one can make friends while your dog does.
  • Walks will give you the invaluable opportunity to disconnect from everything and spend more time with your loyal friend.

In addition to all these "serious" benefits, dogs are tremendously fun. They can make you laugh, they are there at the end of a hard day, and will almost always be on hand for a reassuring cuddle when you need it.


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