Purina Sustainability

We believe that the measures we take today make us stronger in the future and will help us improve our environmental footprint.

At Purina we have developed high quality and nutritious pet products for over 80 years. We are passionate about pets and the people who love them. That's why we're constantly working on using our planet’s resources carefully and thus taking care of our environmental impact.
Purina Sustainability
We believe that the essence of sustainability is to learn how to live within the limits of nature. By finding new ways to do this, we can supply high quality and nutritious products while minimizing our environmental impact. Today, our hope is to share the paths we choose to improve our environment, always keeping in mind that there is still much to be done.

Learn about the life cycle of a pet food product

Purina Learn about the life cycle of a pet food product
Purina Sustainability OUR FOCUS


Learn about the life cycle of our products

Our efforts related to sustainability cover the entire life cycle of our products. This means that we carry out all our activities in a responsible manner, from the supply of ingredients for the use of energy, water and raw materials, until the use of increasingly recyclable protective packaging, the optimization of the amount of materials used, and product transportation that uses highly efficient methods.

Our sustainability approach includes:

  • Prioritizing and managing what really matters in terms of environmental impact.
  • Using our company’s point of view to find different ways to increase efficiency, reduce waste and preserve resources
  • Demanding high standards of social responsibility throughout the supply chain of our high quality ingredients.
  • Learning from others, our customers, environmental organizations, retailers and other companies sectors.
Purina Sustainability iNGREDIENTS


Responsible stocking of ingredients

Growing or raising grain and meat used in our products requires significant amounts of energy, water and nutrients and, in general, represents a big part of the environmental impact of these products. 

With the goal of diminishing the impact these ingredients deal to the environment, we're working closely with our providers and others to better understand our supply chain, identifying the most important problems and opportunities and improve our future performance. 

Purina Sustainability PACKAGING


Optimized Packaging

The packaging of our products is important to prevent any food waste, that is why we work to optimize the weight and volume of our packages, ensuring to our customers our high quality standards. 

We are also leaders in the development and use of renewable materials, procured in a sustainable fashion, and also in providing support for initiatives that intend to recycle or produce energy from used packages.

Finally, we also use recycled materials where an environmental benefit exists and its use is appropriate.


How to recycle packages.

Find out if your Purina® product packaging is recyclable. Use our recycling guide. 


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Requires complex recycling processes.
Polyethylene (PP) They're recycled in a few places that count with the appropriate processes.
Mixed Materials (OTHERS)

They're recycled in a few places that count with the appropriate processes.


Aluminum cans Widely recycled in most communities.
Steel cans Widely recycled in most communities.


Cardboard Boxes Widely recycled in most communities.
Simple bags Widely recycled in most communities.