Purina Nutrition

We believe that pets and people’s lives are better when they are together.

This is why we have been creating high quality nutritious food for pets for over 85 years.

Nourishing pets. Enrichening lives

At Purina, we believe in creating food that nourishes pets, giving them energy to run after a ball or catch a feather, and in providing cutting-edge nutrition that guarantees more years full of health and happiness by your side.

The bonds we make with our pets nurture both their lives and ours - which is why we're always working hard to improve our pet food.

Purina Nourishing pets. Enrichening lives

Food for thought: Our philosophy on nutrition

We believe that pets and people are better together, and it is this belief that has led us to improve pet nutrition for over 80 years. It's what inspires our team of over 400 scientists, including nutritionists, to develop the leading food products on the market, and to make those products accessible to most pets around the world. Our own experience has shown us that proper food can extend your dog’s health for years. This is why, since 80 years ago, our mission has been to improve pet feeding standards. Learn about the philosophy on nutrition that guides us in everything we do.

The formulation of pet food is subject to stricter standards than most human food, which is why they often use the phrase "complete and balanced".
We work to ensure the safety and quality of our products.
Our goal is to make products that your pet wants to eat and make sure they are easy to digest.
Did you know that we are a world leader in the research of pet nutrition?
We want every owner to feel confident that the food meets or exceeds standards, but we also want him to be sure he has chosen the right food.
We believe that the best ingredients are those that work together.
Purina Nutrition Leaders in research

Leaders in research

Hundreds of our researchers between our Research and Development Center in Northwest Missouri and our main offices in Saint Louis, are working against the clock to make discoveries to improve the lives of our pets; from finding the main causes of pet obesity, to understand how nutrition affects aging. In addition to our operations base, we also have researchers in France, China, Australia, and Argentina already working on making new discoveries. We publish our results in top-level academic journals and at the leading veterinary conferences.

Purina Nutrition Fostering Research Associations

Fostering Research Associations

In addition to our own research, we finance jobs from both veterinary universities around the world and organizations that share our high standards regarding care and compassion for pets.


These are some of our research partners:

Cornell University

University of Pennsylvania

Texas A & M University

Colorado State University

University of Missouri

University of California, Davis

The benefits of proteins

We know that high quality proteins are an important element of a well balanced staple diet for dogs and cats.
Purina Nutrition The benefits of proteins

High quality proteins found in Purina® products

They support essential functions such as tissue repair and muscle growth.

They provide the amino acids that your pet needs.

We have done the appropriate research and have discovered that cereals are an effective protein complement for dogs.