We are committed to the health of your pet and of the future of our planet

portada sustentabilidad latam
90 años

+ 90 years enriching the lives of pets.

suministro responsable y ético

Responsible and ethical supply of our ingredients.

puntos de control

+ than 200 control points in our suppliers and processes.

In our dry pet food factories:a

Purina One sustentabilidad

100% of waste for disposal is reused or recycled.

Purina One sustentabilidad

We have reduced our water usage (m3/ton) by + 20%b.

Purina One sustentabilidad

100% of electrical energy has been migrated to renewable sources, reducing the carbonc footprint more than 50%b.


aAverage data from our NESTLÉ® PURINA® sites in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

bSince 2010.

cCarbon footprint in the factories refers to GHG emissions scope 1 & 2 as per the Greenhouse Gas Emission Protocol. For more information click here.

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