See how the well-planned collection of ingredients help us balancing our products with our priorities in the future. 

Our objective is providing high-quality nutrition for the pets of today and the future. That is why we selected very carefully our ingredients from our suppliers, with whom we share the commitment for both food quality and environment. 

We believe that making a positive impact in the future goes beyond simply creating more sustainable facilities. We believe that we need to establish high standards to our suppliers around the world in order to encourage them to acquire the resources in a responsible manner and with the same respect that we have towards nature. 

Creating Responsible Sourcing Guidelines (RSG) for our suppliers is a way in which we promote sustainability. Besides establishing high standards for them, we also work together to create improvements in the health of workers responsible for resources extraction. We even work with comptrollers that help us checking if our suppliers are taking the necessary steps in order to improve their processes.


These are the major vitamins and minerals in our mixture of antioxidants and what they do to improve health.




We know that our evaluation methods are changing rapidly, and that is why we work with renowned experts and scientists, so that we can review our extraction practices constantly while comparing them with our guidelines. After creating these standards for our suppliers and partnering with them for constant improving, we are able to drive a positive change and encouraging the sustainability efforts to, not only our associates, but to the entire world.