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Thank you for visiting this website. We hope you enjoy getting to know more about Nestle and our products. Nestle respects your right to privacy in the online world when you use our websites or when you communicate with us via e-mail. We take all the necessary security measures to keep safe any information you have provided to us. This Privacy Policy provides the computing practices performed by Nestle in the use of internet and any other electronic communication networks. It is important for you to know that NESTLE Centroamerica, S.A. or any of its affiliates, is the Data Controller (please see Question 18 of this Notice) of your personal information. The principles outlined in this Privacy Notice are applied to all Data Controllers of Nestle. We made a set of key questions we believe you may want to be answered regarding the personal information you provided to Nestle. These answers will inform you about your rights related to your personal information and the measures taken by Nestle in order to keep your personal information private and secure. We hope that this information was useful for you. If you have any request related to your personal information or any doubt regarding these practices, please contact:




We have designed this Privacy Notice in a way that you won’t need to read it all in order to find the answer to a specific question.

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Q1. What personal information does Nestle collects through these websites and how does Nestle collects it?

A: We only collect the personal information that you want to provide to us or that it is necessary in order to bring (or to improve) our services to you. We collect direct personal information such as name, address and –email, as well as indirect information like cookies, connections and information systems. You may want to give us your e-mail, name, telephone number, and so on, so that we can give you information about our products; join our competitions or surveys; or just to keep yourself updated on the latest developments made by Nestle, which may be interesting for you. You can rely on Nestle to take all the necessary precautions to keep the personal information that you have provided to us in a very secure, private and accessible manner.



Q2. How can Nestle keep your personal information secure?

A: Nestle takes all the necessary safety precautions to keep your personal information private and secure. Only authorized personnel from Nestle, personnel from a Third Party company (for example, service providers) or the authorized personnel from our business partners (who under contract have accepted to keep all the information secure) have access to your personal information.

All the employees of Nestle who have access to your personal information shall bind to the Privacy Policy of Nestle, and all the Third Party employees who have access to your personal information have signed a confidentiality agreement. Besides, the agreements are in the Third-Party companies who have access to your personal information, in order to make sure that this information remains safe. To make sure that your personal information is protected, Nestle maintains a safe IT environment and has taken the necessary steps in order to prevent unauthorized access (for example, hacking).



Q3 For what purpose would Nestle use my personal information?

A: Your personal information will be used for the purposes by which you were provided to Nestle. It will also be used to manage, support and to obtain feedback on our level of service and to prevent infringements (alterations) to our security, the law and the terms of the contract.

Please, see Question 4 – To whom do the Nestle’s personnel disclose your personal information and why?



Q4 To whom do the Nestlé’s personnel disclose your personal information and why?

A: Nestle will never share your personal information with any Third Party business organization that intends to use it for direct marketing purposes, unless you authorize us to do that in particular.

For Nestle Policy in: (i) direct marketing through e-mail; (ii) your right to request Nestle NOT to contact you for direct marketing through e-mail; and (iii) also your right to delete your personal information from our systems – please see Question 8 & 5 respectively.

Nestle can share your personal information with other companies within Nestle. Nestle can also share your personal information with a third party, but only under limited circumstances shown below:

We can provide your personal information to Third Parties (such as internet service providers) who have helped us managing this website, and some business partners that may be located outside of the country where you enter this website.

Our main supplier for Web hosting is in United States. Please read Question 6 – What countries will send your personal information and why? These Third Parties should at all times have the same security levels as much as your personal information and as well as Nestlé’s, and where required, they are bound by legal agreement to keep the information private, secure and processed only under the specific instructions of Nestle.

We can also give your personal information to government entities and to law enforcement officers if: we are required to do so arising from obligations of any laws, or if in good faith, such action is reasonably necessary to comply with any legal process, to respond to any claim or .

Legal actions; or to protect the rights of Nestle and its customers and the public.

Under certain circumstances, we can give your personal information to potential buyers of any business relevant to Nestle, but taking into account that (i) we have insured under contract that this information should be kept private and safe; and (ii) that when this information is given Nestle will enforce the local laws.



Q5 How can you see, review, change or delete the personal information you submit to us?

A: In several countries you have the right to request the company (like Nestle) to give you all the information it holds from you. Certain national laws may request you to pay a small fee for this activity. You can also delete, correct or review your personal information by sending an e-mail to the site administrator



Q6 To what countries will your personal information be sent and why?

Nestle is a worldwide company and your personal information can be transferred across international borders. It can be transferred through countries whose laws have different levels of protection of information to the country to which you sent your personal information. Your personal information can be transmitted between different companies of Nestle located in different countries. Nestle takes the necessary safety measures to keep all the personal information safe, both in transit as well as in the location that receives it.

The server in which this website is available can be located outside the country where you entered the site. Our primary hosting provider for the majority of the websites is based on the United States. This provider is under contract, which ensures a high level of privacy protection, and requires (among other precautions) to act on its own under the instructions of Nestle and to implement continually all the necessary technical measures in order to keep your information secure.



P7 COOKIES (“Tracking Technology”) – How and why do Nestle uses it?

A: Nestle uses the tracking technology (“Cookies”) to collect personal information, such as browser type and operating system, reference page, site progress, ISP Domain, etc., in order to understand how visitors use this website. The cookies help us customize this website to your personal needs.

Nestle maintains all the information gathered from the cookies in a non-personal format, which is non-identifiable. This type of information obtain through cookies will not be disclosed outside of Nestle or to duly authorized third parties. It will not be used for unsolicited communications.

Cookies in your computer do not have your name, but rather an IP address. After deleting the user login, the cookie information will not be available for Nestle.

Please verify that your computer settings reveal that you are willing to accept cookies or not. You can configure your browser to warn before using cookies or you may simply set your browser to reject them, even though you may not have access to all the website features if you do. In the “help” button your browser will be able to see how to do this. You do not need to have cookies in order to use or to navigate through the many parts of this or other Nestlé’s websites. Keep in mind that if you use different computer in different locations, you need to make sure that each browser is adjusted according to your cookie preferences.



P8 E Marketing – What is SPAMMING and what is Nestlé’s position about SPAM mails?

A: Spamming is when you receive unsolicited mails with ads or marketing material without prior approval.

Nestle DOES NOT sends Spam mails. Nestle uses an anti-spam toolbar to protect their collaborators from SPAMMING. Sending e-mails without consent is illegal in many countries. Nestle will not use your personal information (including e-mail address) for direct marketing or for future communications unless you GIVE your permission. This is called “OPT-IN” consent.

Besides, Nestle does not share its personal information with third party personnel (who do not belong to Nestle) who would use your personal information to send you SPAM mails.

Nestlé’s websites give you the opportunity to receive marketing information via e-mail. Every e-mail sent by Nestle will give you the opportunity to remove the option to receive marketing e-mails at any moment.

If by any reason you think you have received a SPAM e-mail from Nestle, please report immediately to the following address. For address details, please see Question 5 - How can you see, review, change or delete the personal information you submit to us?



Q9 How long does Nestle maintain the personal information?

A: Nestle can store the personal information that you send to us through this website in your database just like your Customer Relationship Marketing database. Your personal information will be stored by Nestle just for a fairly reasonable time in order to answer questions or to solve problems, to deliver new and better services and to comply with legal requirements according to the Law. This means that we can retain your personal information for a reasonably period of time once you stopped using Nestlé’s or the website services. After this period, your personal information will be deleted from the system of Nestle.

We remind you we have the right to delete your personal information at any moment. Please read Question 5 - How can you see, review, change or delete the personal information you submit to us?



Q10 What is Nestlé’s Policy regarding the use and communication of children in our websites?

A: We believe it is very important to protect privacy online from children and we encourage their parents or guardians to spend time on-line with their children to participate or to monitor their e-activities.

We do not collect personal information from thirteen-year-old children, except in some websites for kids. On these websites we collect this personal information in accordance with local laws and regulations that apply to the privacy rights of children. If the parents or guardians give their consent to the child to provide his personal information, we will ask children only about the necessary personal information to participate in the program to which the child entered.



Specific Web Sites for children.

Special notice for children under the age of 18.

If they are under 18, we recommend you to discuss with your parents or guardians BEFORE providing personal information to Nestlé’s Websites. If there is something about this section that you don’t understand, you should ask your parents or guardians for help.


Special notice for the parents of children under the age of 18.

We recommend that parents/guardians check and monitor regularly the use of e-mails and other on-line activities of their children.

Please make sure your children do not provide personal identifiable information online without requesting permission.

All visitors under the age of 18 will be required the e-mail of a parent or a guardian. This is done with the intent to forward the parents or guardians with a copy of each e-mail we are requested to send their children.

If possible, at any time, check your children’s personal information and change it or deleted online. Alternatively, you may ask us to delete any personal information from children by sending a request to delete via e-mail/postal mail/fax the address given in the contact information of Question 5 - How can you see, review, change or delete the personal information you submit to us?



Q11 Do Nestle includes links to third party websites and what happens with my personal information when this link occurs?

A: Nestle links other website to give them the opportunity to see related and interesting information about Nestle. These third party websites are out of our control and are not covered under this Privacy Notice. If you enter other websites using the aforementioned links, the website operators may collect your personal information. Please make sure you are satisfied with the Privacy Policies of these third parties before providing any personal information. Nestle tries, to the extent of its possibilities, to make sure that the linked third party websites have corresponding measures for protection of personal information, but we can’t be held legally or in any other way responsible for the activities, privacy policies or privacy levels of compliance made by these Third parties.



Q 12 What happens with my personal information when I send e-mails from a page of Nestle to somebody else?

A: Some of our websites may give you the opportunity to send an e-mail with the web address to another person. For this feature to work we need your e-mail address and/or/ the e-mail of those persons to whom you want to send the website. The e-mail addresses provided will not be used for any other purpose than to complete the application. This email addresses are not stored and are deleted immediately after processing the application.



Q13 What happens to my personal information if I participate in an online survey of Nestle through this website?

A: Every now and then we may request the website visitors to complete surveys. The surveys are generally related to the content of the website, out products o product category. We may ask your age or age range, gender and/or any other non-identifiable impersonal information.

For the purpose of these surveys, we can add information obtained from cookies to the survey responses, but identifiable personal information will not be requested. The personal information collected is not linked to any personal information that you may already gave us. The personal information collected from the surveys and censuses are for internal use of Nestle, but the grouped information (without identifying anybody personally) can be shared with others.



Q14 What is a One-Time Registration?

A: To make the registration process easier, we use the registration tool only once on Nestlé’s websites. With this tool, when you register on our website, this information may be available automatically when you register on other websites of Nestle. Your personal information is protected and we will always ask for your consent or “Opt-In” in order to receive information from Nestlé’s websites before adding you to the e-mail distribution list.



Q15 Can Nestle change the terms of this Privacy Notice?

A: Nestle will occasionally change and improve this Privacy Notice. Please check this Privacy Notice regularly to see the changes and how may they affect you.



Q16 Where can I find more information regarding the legal issues of Nestlé’s website and my legal rights and responsibilities?

Because Nestle is a based in Switzerland, the laws that operate and are applied on this website are the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica. For detailed information, please see the Terms and Conditions of Nestlé’s website, which are available by clicking on this link or directly on this web page.



Q17 In what addresses available can I contact Nestle if I have other questions regarding my personal information?



Q18 What particular terms with legal definitions are being used in this Privacy Notice of Nestle?

A: Personal information is also known as Personal Data and it refers to any information related to you as a natural person capable of being identified directly or indirectly. (On these websites this is typically your e-mail address).

The processing of your personal information refers to any operation or series of operations executed with your personal information through automatic means or not, including collecting, recording, organizing, storing, adapting or altering, extracting, consulting, using, disclosing via transmission, dissemination or to make available, to line up or combine, block, delete or destroying in any other way (i.e. effectively any activity in which Nestle executes upon or with the personal information you sent us.

“Data Controller” is the sole organization or in its entirety which determines the purposes and ways to process your personal information (i.e. the entity of Nestle operating this website and collecting your personal information), which in here it is Nestlé Centroamérica, S.A. and/or its affiliates in the Central American region.

“Third Parties” for the purpose of this Privacy Notice it refers to any company that is not under control of Nestlé S.S by means of direct or indirect ownership.

“Nestle” and “Nestle Group” in this Privacy Notice refers to Nestlé S.A. and its subsidiary companies (where Nestle S.A. has control through direct or indirect ownership) as appropriate to the context.



Q19 IMPORTANT – Why do I need to accept the terms of this Privacy Notice?

A: Nestle is a global company that uses Internet to collect and process its personal information. It is involved with the processing and transmission of information of your personal information across borders.



Q20 Who holds the copyright of the material established for the consumer in the website scrapbook section and who is obligued in case of a claim by a third party?

A: The consumer has or has obtained the authorization to use the copyright for the material established for the consumer on the website scrapbook section and the consumer is the one obliged in case of a claim by a third party.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Notice, please contact Nestle at the address provided in Question 5 and we will be happy to assit you with any additional question you may have.


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