The first days of the puppy

Beneful® the first days of the puppy

Your best friend’s arrival in the world warrants special attention, which is why we have garnered the following tips on how to care for your puppy during the early days so it can turn into a great dog.


During the first two weeks of age, puppies seek to eat and be close to their mothers. During this stage dogs begin their early neurological development, and their activity levels are minimal; our little friends will spend 70% of their time sleeping and 30% eating. Mothers will lick their puppies to keep them dry and help them expel their urine and excrement. Make sure you adopt your puppy after 6 to 8 weeks of age.


Did you know that… when puppies are born, they can’t see or hear anything? This is why their instincts are based on their sense of smell which guides them towards their mother to eat and keep warm.

From days 15 to 21 of age, they start to become a bit more independent due to the rapid development of their nervous system. The development of their hearing and sight is through the reception of external stimuli allowing them to react more quickly: mother, siblings, light, sound, etc. They will start to identify their family members, and then, they will start to give signs of playful behavior when they lift their paws.


This is when your puppy will become more independent from its mother, becoming more receptive to external stimuli. Playful behavior will also increase, which will set the foundations for the development of its social relations. It will stop only sleeping and eating, because playtime will become more important.

Make sure that the first time you bring your dog home, there is daylight, which will facilitate its adaptation. Make sure that the environment is friendly and, especially make sure that your puppy feels cared for.

Period of youth

This period goes from week 10 up until maturity, although it depends on your dog’s breed. Small sized dogs reach sexual maturity at an earlier age (around 6 months); while other breeds mature at around 14 months of age. During this period their strength and motor skills gradually improve. This is also the stage in which your dog develops its full learning capacity. During this stage we recommend you begin a vaccination program.

Your best friend will start exploring more and will enjoy its first long walks.


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