From puppies to adulthood

puppies to adulthood

When you dog stops being a puppy, its physical and nutritional needs change, which is why it’s time to switch its diet from BENEFUL® Health for Puppies to BENEFUL® Adults. It will love the kibble because of its two textures: soft and crunchy, and will grow up healthy and happy!

Below you can see when the best time is to switch your dog’s food from puppy to adult food depending on the size of the breed.


Small Breeds

2,5 - 10Kg between 8 and 12 months

Medium Breeds

11 - 25Kg between 12 and 18 months

Big Breeds

25Kg between 18 and 24 months


Fill your puppy’s bowl with all the nutrients it needs to grow healthily with Beneful® Health for puppies


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