A puppy-proof house

Beneful puppy-proof house

Be a responsible friend and find out how to get your house ready for your puppy’s arrival. They are curious animals so one should prevent them from getting into trouble whether indoors or out.


In the kitchen

Keep cleaning products out of your puppy’s reach, in cabinets it can’t open, you can also use safety locks for children on doors.

When you clean, keep your puppy out of the kitchen so that it doesn’t come into contact with cleaning products. In addition to cleaning products, there are foods that can harm it, such as chocolate, nuts, grapes, among others.

Keep drawers well shut and all food items out of its reach. Your puppy’s teeth are powerful and can defeat any plastic container.

When it’s your mealtime, always keep an eye on your food, or your puppy may finish it for you.

Trash cans should be kept out of their reach and have hard to remove lids, so that it can’t gain access to chicken bones, coffee grounds, or anything that they might try to eat. Hide cables so that they don’t face the temptation of playing and chewing them

In the bathroom

Inside the bathroom there are articles that may harm your little friend, soaps, razors, cotton. There are many bathroom items that we use that are small, such as q-tips, that your puppy may thing is a toy and will be easy for it to bite. Avoid accidents and keep one eye on your puppy and the other on the mirror whilst getting ready. Just like with the kitchen, keep trash cans out of its reach. All family members must make sure to not leave personal hygiene products within the puppy’s reach. Once finished, put everything away in their drawers. If possible, keep the door closed.


Now is a good time to keep your room tidy. Be careful, because your puppy will look for things that smell like you. Don’t leave clothes or shoes lying around, as they may fall prey to your puppy’s teeth. Shirt buttons are small and easy for your puppy to swallow, so be careful to avoid your best friend having a blocked stomach. Put small accessories away, such as coins. Don’t lose control, make sure to put away the controls to your electronic devices, through a puppy’s eyes, everything is a toy and everything is fun, and if everything ends up in little pieces, both of you can have a rough time. Cables should be kept hidden and out of reach in all rooms and house spaces.

Family spaces

In places such as the living room and dining room, where most time is spent, we must be careful what things we leave out. Magazines, decoration items, cellphones and cables can be very enticing for a puppy to play with; avoid having to redecorate your living room, as well as upsetting your puppy’s stomach. Don’t leave anything within its reach.

Garage and garden

The garage is where we keep bottles of liquids that are harmful to a puppy. In addition to keeping the containers well shut, keep them out of their reach. This also applies for tools or items such as nails and screws, which must be carefully put away. When your puppy is in the garden, you must ensure it doesn’t eat the plants, as some can be harmful. If you are going to fumigate your garden, make sure that your best friend doesn’t approach the area for a couple of days to avoid running any risks.


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