How to feed your dog (MINI)

Beneful® How to feed your dog (MINI)

Our Mini Best Friends are very special to us, and their games, jumping, and mischief fill us with boundless love, and it’s only fair we return it.

To show your Mini all your love, you should watch out for its health and make sure you play together, which is only possible when you look after its nutrition. In this article, we offer a “Mini” guide of simple steps to make sure you choose the right food for your Mini Best Friend.



Your Mini’s stomach is small, so it will fill up more quickly. Ask your vet exactly how much food your Mini needs so that it doesn’t over-eat, or under-eat.


By nature, smaller breeds are more sensitive and picky, which is why a special diet that contains all the necessary nutrients, in addition to exquisite flavor, is the best option to feed them with. 

Kibble size

This is relevant because their jaws and teeth are smaller. Your Mini should be able to eat its food without too much effort, as giving it food for “Large Best Friends” will only tire your Mini Best Friend more quickly and make it reject its meals.


Imagine yourself walking for a block, going up some stairs, and then sitting on the couch. Doesn’t it sound easy? Now imagine doing the same, but in a Mini dog’s body. Our world is enormous to them and this is why they need plenty of energy to explore it by your side. Make sure you give your Mini Best Friend the nutrients it needs to be full of energy, while keeping its bones and muscles strong and healthy.


Apart from their size, what catches one’s attention concerning Mini dogs is their beauty. These Best Friends have been bred over the years to be adorable and cute. Make sure that their daily meals contain enough fatty acids to keep their skin and coat healthy and shiny.

With these simple points you now know which elements are necessary when choosing your MINI’s food. Luckily for you, BENEFUL® has a product specially made for your dog.

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