Feeding the relationship with your dog

Beneful® Feeding the relationship with your dog

An ideal owner knows how to fulfill its best friend’s physiological and emotional needs. In this article we offer interesting advice on how to improve your relationship at mealtimes.

To achieve this, don’t leave its bowl in a fixed place, but use it only at mealtimes, so that it is clear that you are who gives it its food. The same applies to its favorite toys, if you present them when enjoying playtime together, instead of them always being within reach, your dog will relate you with snacks and treats.

Remember that if you feed your dog a balanced diet with food that is good for it, your dog will be healthy and happy. Remember: overfeeding is not akin to pampering or loving your dog. If you are truly worried about your dog’s health, only give it what it needs for its wellbeing.

The amount of food you should give your dog will depend on its size; mini, medium, or large. Remember that you should feed your dog different quantities depending on whether it is sedentary or active. There are also differences between feeding a puppy, an adult dog, or a senior (elderly) dog.

How much should I feed my dog?

The answer is simple: however much your vet recommends. 

So that mealtime is a pleasant experience for the both of you, follow this advice:

  • Clean its bowl with hot water each time your dog eats to avoid the build up of bacteria.
  • Make sure that it always has access to clean water. It’s crucial that your dog stays hydrated.
  • Follow a meal schedule, its biological clock is very powerful.
  • Make your dog sit, and once it does, place its bowl on the floor so it can eat.
  • Remove its bowl after 15 minutes, regardless of whether it has eaten or not. This will help maintain and keep respect for its survival instincts.

Remember that your pet needs you to be happy: dedicate at least half an hour per day to playtime; take it out for regular walks while paying your utmost attention; and, most importantly, have fun with your. The friendship your dog can give you is incomparable, and nurturing this will create an even stronger bond.


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