Bathing your dog

Beneful Bathing your dog

When bathing your dog for the first time, whether a puppy or an adult dog, it’s important to create a pleasant environment full of trust, so that it perceives bath-time as something that is good, relaxed, and fun. 

Take your dog out for a long walk and play. This way, it will be tired and more docile when it comes to bath-time. Brush your dog to get rid of dead hair. This will make baths a simpler experience.

During bath time

  1. Wet your dog with warm water (neither hot nor cold) from neck to tail. Avoid its head at the beginning of its bath.
  2. Apply a little bit of shampoo. It’s always better to have to add more than to use too much, as it will be much harder to rinse.

  3. Rub your dogs whole body, while making sure that no shampoo or water gets in its ears. You can clean its ears later with a moistened cotton ball. Don’t forget to wash its paws, especially between its pads and toes.  
  4. Rinse, rinse, and rinse again. All its fur must be shampoo-free. When there is no more shampoo residue left, you will see that the water runs freely and smoothly off your dog.

  5. Let your dog shake itself dry. If you want to prevent it from splashing too much, wrap its body with a towel. Once it has given a good shake, towel-dry it thoroughly.  

If your dog lets you, and you should feel so inclined, you can use a hair dryer, but at a normal temperature (not hot) and make sure it is at least at a 30 cm distance from its body. Never blow-dry close to its ears.

After bath time

  1. Don´t let your dog out in the garden before its coat has fully dried.

  2. Give your dog a treat. Reward it for being cooperative during bath-time.

  3. It’s best to bathe your dog after 6 months of age, when its organism has a strong enough immune system and a defined pH that will protect its skin and coat.

  4. How regularly you should bathe your dog will depend on its hair-type.

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