Appropiate toys for dog

Beneful® Appropiate toys for dog

It helps develop and keep an active mind, but above all, it’s so much fun! However, be warned: not all dog toys made are safe. When looking for a toy for your dog, keep the following in mind:

  1. Dog size, age breed.

  2. That they’re not toxic.

  3. That they’re big enough to avoid being swallowed.

  4. That they don’t have pieces that can be detached.

  5. That they can’t splinter.

Plush toys are perfect for puppies; their softness won’t harm their developing teeth.

The best toys for adult dogs are those with which they can interact: chew toys with handle, balls that hide treats, or frisbees. Here are two excellent options for toys for your dog:

String bones. Toy made out of cotton string, which helps your dog clean its teeth while it plays with it. It is very resistant, washable, and non-toxic.

Tennis ball with squeakerMade out of special felt, not the abrasive materials used for normal tennis balls. Perfect for games of fetch, and its squeaker encourages your dog to play.

Remember that your dog should know which objects are toys and which ones aren’t; this is why you should never give your dog old shoes or clothes to play with, as it will be impossible for it to understand that it can’t play with all the shoes in the house.


When your dog’s toy starts to break, you should throw it away.


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