Tips for celebrating birthday of your best friend

Tips for celebrating birthday of your best friend

Here are 5 tips that can help you organize the party, it’s up to you to include what your dog likes, and only you, its best friend, knows perfectly what that is.

Who doesn’t like a good birthday party? We all know that this is one of the most  important dates of the year because it’s the perfect excuse to spend time with our best friends and share great moments together. Your best friend will always be by your side and you are sure to remember the date when you brought them, so use this date as their birthday, and all hands on deck to make sure they get the celebration that they deserve.


Depending on its breed, you can choose 'ad hoc' decoration for your best friend. For example, if it’s a pug, you could give out pug party hats to all its friends and pug masks to their owners. If your best friend loves superheroes, dress up as your favorite one and its super power can be to have fun.


Pick a place with enough space for all its friends, an outdoors place where dogs don’t get bothered and carry out their potty needs without a problem.


This is a special occasion that comes once a year, so show off with all your canine guests by giving them the different varieties of our delicious Purina® Snacks. You’ll see how they go crazy, and it will be the party of the year!


It’s not a birthday party unless there are fun games for everyone to play. Here are some ideas: playing frisbee, a treasure hunt for toys, races to prize the fastest dog at the party, and many others you can surely think of.


Remember that for a dog party to be perfect, the safety of all those involved is crucial. Before organizing this celebration, ask for all the necessary permissions, make sure there is clean water in different places at the location to keep all the dogs hydrated, and ask owners to pay constant attention to their friends to avoid any kind of situation at this fun event.

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